We offers the conception, design, custom cabinet manufacturing, vanities, custom furniture, countertops and plumbing accessories, installation and turnkey renovations for all budgets and for all all areas of the home.




Home renovations

We are able to provide a wide range of services in this area such as carpentry, kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and electrical.

We can offer complete design & build home renovation services and for larger projects we are also happy to act solely as a contractor.

Have a look below at our process and the products we offer.

Our process

  1. Assessing your needs

    An interview where we find out more about your project, your level of financial investment, and ask questions about your project goals.

  2. Design consultation

    A design consultation is usually the second step in the client “on-boarding” process. Consultations can be a stand alone service for people who want advice on how to move forward with a project or it can be incorporated in the project as a whole.

  3. Preparing the site

    You will need to completely empty out the area to be remodeled. We will help you figure out how to redirect your home’s airflow to minimize the amount of dust you encounter outside the workspace if demolition is required. The key to a successful remodel is good communication between the clients and the remodelers. Ask questions because the more at ease you feel with the process, the more you’ll be able to trust the process and minimize issues.

  4. Project start

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  5. Delivery

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Our extensive experience in kitchen renovations means you’re getting highly skilled craftsmanship to execute an exquisite transformation.


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Walk in closet

A closet is more than a place to display your shoes and shirts. It could also be a convenient space where you start your day and relax when your day is done. Well designed walk-in closets allow you to go through your day in style while your clothing and accessories are neatly displayed within easy reach. To start collecting ideas you can visit our walk in closets.


We work with several kinds of woods and other flooring materials, suitable for every taste. We will help you choose what best suits your home, your signature parquet. If you want to choose the right parquet flooring for your home, you need to know more about the floor material origins, attributes and appearance.